Snow falls almost every day

006It’s been snowing for weeks.  It melts down to just a few inches and then it snows again.  Not surprising for January, but normally we have a few big snows and then it stops.  Roads are cleared and schedules are kept.  This winter, it snows almost every day.  It’s not making my commute to school at all easy, but it is challenging.

In fact, challenging seems to be my word for the month.  Everything seems to be challenging.   Getting my computer to work is a challenge.  Keeping my online text from crashing is a challenge.  But, knowing it’s still at least six weeks before anything is blooming may be the biggest challenge.

It’s difficult to do much in the garden, especially with our lovely Palouse clay, until late April.  But, by early March there are a few signs of spring.  Crocus start to bloom and little plants being to emerge.  Even the weeds are a welcome site!   The same dandelion that most people want to eradicate in July, offers a nice flower for a bumblebee to land on, in early April.

However, right now it’s snow and more snow.  I actually like snow.  Especially in December.  But by the end of January, I’m looking forward to spring and all the daffodils, tulips and hyacinths that will be blooming in the garden.


Once upon a time…

013there was a woman, who decided to make a big change in her life.  She loved to garden and wanted to start her own business, as a landscape designer.  But first, she would have to go back to school.

Did I mention it’s been a few years, since she was the age of a typical college freshman?  And she still has to work at her current job, spend time with her husband and family, and now she’s got homework???   In other words, just a modern day woman in search of a fairy tale ending to her story…the chance to start a business, doing what she loves.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to do something else with your life, please join me in what promises to be an adventure.  Maybe you’ll decide to start you own.  Hopefully we’ll each find our version of happily ever after.