There’s something magical about early spring

Daffodils by farmhouse 004Even with the snow still on the ground, there’s a feeling of spring in the air.  The sun seems a bit warmer and the ground is softer, as you walk across the yard.  Small buds can be seen on some of the fruit trees and the days are definitely getting longer.  A few small clumps of violets start to show a bit of purple and daffodils poke up through patches of snow.

Spring is a welcome sign after such a long winter, but especially for a gardener.  After sketching plans for months, it’s finally time to start walking through the garden to see where that new bed might fit or what rose will look good, in the corner by the shed.  It’s still too early to dig up soil or even think about buying plants.  Much too early.  Except for those four small shrubs I bought a few days ago, on clearance.  Who puts out plants that early anyway?  Now they’re sitting in my car at night, so they won’t freeze.  Yes, my car has become a temporary greenhouse for two blue carpet junipers and two Korean lilacs.

School is getting better.  I’ve made peace with my online classes and their challenges.  Now I drive out to the school computer lab to take my tests.  I only wish my Accounting and Excel professors could coordinate their weekly test dates, so I could take them on the same day.  And did I mention that on one of these days, the computer labs close at 4 pm?  Not easy for a working gal.

Despite all the distractions, I really enjoy going back to school.  This quarter is more about running a small business, but in six weeks the gardening classes begin.  I don’t know if people realize how much we gardeners love to learn, think about, plan and talk to each other, about our gardens.  The idea of being in a room full of people, who all like to garden, well it has a definite appeal.

Since Monday is a holiday, one of the local universities is having a garden symposium and I was lucky enough to get invited.  Well, technically, I kind of invited myself, since my email seems to have gotten lost in their computer.  But,  they were very gracious and said there was still room for a few more, so I’m taking my mom.  She is my gardening guru and instilled in my at an early age, the importance of organic gardening.  So the fact that two classes are for organic gardening and two others for companion planting is very appropriate.  Did I mention that there is also a class just on roses and what herbs and other flowers to plant with them?  Now, that’s exciting.  At least to a gardener.


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