Spring is a wonderful time for roses

July 2011 Garden pictures 014

Roses are a favorite of mine, especially the old fashioned shrub roses.  The one pictured here is from my own garden and is called Echo (Baby Tausendschon) and it’s petite and lovely.  I have it planted outside the front window, so I can enjoy it from inside or out.

Roses are the main stay of every cottage garden and look at home with lavender, peonies, daisies and other cottage flowers.   I enjoy choosing roses based on their color, fragrance, hardiness and history.  It’s such fun to know something about the history of an alba or gallica  rose and the damasks are one of my favorites.  All of these do well in our zone 4 to zone 5 winters, especially if they’re planted close to the house and out of the wind.  As the big box stores start bringing in their nursery plants, it gets more and more difficult not to bring a lovely, fragrant rose home.

Spring quarter starts the first of April and I’m happy to say I not only survived my first quarter of school, but I actually got A’s and B’s in all my classes!  The online courses have been a success, so I’ve decided to stay with them for now and concentrate on business courses the next few quarters.  I can garden all summer and the business courses will be very helpful in running my own business in the near future.   In the fall and winter, there will be landscape design courses and I’m looking forward to taking those, too.  With luck, I’ll be starting my own business this time next year, but for now I’m learning all I can and plan to visit nurseries this spring and start building contacts.  I also have more Master Gardener classes coming up this spring, so I’ll be trying out many new ideas in my own garden.